Digital Rain Gauge Project

In September 2018, MADFIG submitted two applications for State funding under the WA IoT DecisionAg program for matching funds up to a maximum of $45,000. The programs successful applicants will be able to trial on-farm telecommunications network solutions, decision tools and analytic data platforms, essentially assisting growers to make more informed, data-driven decisions.

The Digital Rain Gauge Network project saw participating members install a network of 58 digital rain gauges across the MADFIG catchment for the purpose of automated rainfall collection and analytics for better decision making.

Figure 1.The MADFIG Digital Rain Gauge Network coverage

These devices automatically capture weather information and send it to an on-line platform where it is viewed either on the computer in the office or via an app on the mobile phone or tablet.

These devices have been used by participating growers to make better informed operational decisions around Fire Danger Risk during harvest, optimal spraying (Delta T, wind speed and direction) conditions for summer spraying and automated rainfall record keeping during the recent thunder storms.

Figure 2. The WildEye dashboard

Wildeye, the company behind the technology, have been in business since 2002 and provide cellular and cloud based data collection devices through out the USA, New Zealand and Australia. For example: Wild Eye currently monitor the soil temperature and moisture levels of the turf at the new Perth Stadium.

This project was developed and managed by MapIQ,

The feedback from growers has been very positive with all mentioning that the IoT devices have saved time and money in addition to the benefit of now making more informed and better management decisions.

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